May 14, 2020

12 Volt Charging ConceptOn May 21 at 1400 EDT, Canadian Yachting Media will present the 2nd webinar in its series on better understanding your boats systems with 12-volt Charging: The Basics.

Canadian Yachting magazine contributor, Rob MacLeod, hosts this webinar series that will looks at various aspects of boating and boat maintenance.

Rob MacLeod







host is well-known CY contributor Rob Macleod

The first webinar was a huge hit with excellent attendance and reviews. This time our experts will present an overview of the most common 12-volt batteries and charging systems. While discussion will centre around the more prevalent Flooded Lead Acid and AGM batteries, the panel will also suggest when Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries could be considered. The intent of discussing these battery chemistries is to understand what charging regimes each requires.

Topics Include:
1. Battery chemistry and charge considerations
2. Battery isolators, combiners and switches
3. Alternator charging
4. AC-DC chargers
5. Inverters / Inverter/chargers
6. Solar charging

Joining Rob MacLeod is Rod Brandon (ABYC Marine Electrical Technician – to explain the changes in battery chemistry and the importance of updating your boat’s systems for both safety and enjoyment.

Included in the webinar will be a discussion of how and why three modern electrical charging systems operate, including selection, function and safe practices. A big thanks to Glen Matthews and Port Whitby Marine Supply for supplying parts and equipment, as well as a safe place to video record for this Webinar.

Topic: 12-Volt Charging: The Basics
When: Thursday, May 21 at 1400 EDT
The presentation will be followed by a 45-minute Q&A with Rod and Glen.

Webinar 3
Coming next month: – 12-Volt Plumbing Systems, updating older systems, water heaters, pumps, heads, bilge pumps. Thursday, June 11 at 1400 EDT