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Buying with a Yacht Broker

altWhether you’re a new boater or an old salt, you have much to gain by trusting your boat search to a knowledgeable professional. I’m a bit of an evangelist when it comes to boats – I believe that if you’re lucky enough to live near water, salt or fresh, owning a boat is the true meaning of life. I’ve never given up the faith, but after owning the same 35’ sloop for 30 years, things had changed. With two teenage boys who had somehow grown big, the space aboard Sway had grown small.

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Financing Your New Boat

2012 is the Year of The Boat Buying Trifecta: Low Interest Rates – High Canadian Dollar – Low Global Boat Prices. We think that the 2012 will be the year of the boat buying trifecta; we have record low interest rates, a high Canadian dollar, and low global boat prices making the yacht of your dreams more affordable and closer to reality than we ever remember before. With rapidly escalating numbers of Canadians reaching retirement age, many of whom are already smart enough to have realized this opportunity, the Canadian boat market is alive and well while markets in most other countries are stagnant or down.

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