Aug 9, 2018

LunenburgNova Scotia’s seafaring history and boatbuilding tradition come to life on the Lunenburg waterfront. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers visitors and residents a close-up on one of the world’s most remarkable and authentic working waterfronts. Continued improvements to the facilities for visiting yachts, particularly around Zwicker Wharf, mean the word is getting out that Lunenburg is yacht friendly. Indeed, a recent article in Bloomberg News mentioned Canada had hit an all time high of 23 visiting superyachts.
The Dory Shop

A small group of Nordhavn Trawler yachts has been visiting the province and Adam Langley of Develop Nova Scotia (previously the Waterfront Development Corporation) took some nice photos of the boats while they were in town.

Lunenburg 3Develop Nova Scotia has been working with the Lunenburg Waterfront Association and other stakeholders on long term plans for the improvement and protection of Lunenburg’s waterfront. Providing for improved facilities, while still preserving the unique working atmosphere of the waterfront is a delicate balance, but so far things are moving in the right direction. You can keep up with plans by visiting and .

With August here, why not visit Lunenburg by boat in time for the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, which starts August 11th or the International Dory Races on the 18th.

All photos by Adam Langley

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