Aug 9, 2018

Princess in BC 1Vancouver-based Big Blue Yacht Charters Worldwide owner Emma Murdoch explains that luxury crewed charter yachts are permanently professionally-crewed yachts, generally from 20m to over 100m that provide experienced senior officers, formally trained chefs, and five-star interior hotel amenities. They can include specialized spa services, water sports instructors, yoga instructors, dive masters etc. all of whom are dedicated to the clients’ personal enjoyment whilst on charter, aboard and ashore.

Ema MurdockThe international professional charter industry is very selective about both the yachts and crews. Emma tailors each charter experience exactly to her client’s wants and needs simply stating this is a luxury niche market, not an online shopping cart type of product or service.

Emma Murdoch

For many, crewed charters are the ultimate in luxury vacations with all kinds of vessels available in cruising regions worldwide and are often times an opportunity to experience different yacht brands first hand before making the ultimate in luxury purchasing, that of buying their own yacht. Many of Big Blue clients already own a home-port yacht and opt for crewed charters over any other vacation choice as they wish to continue enjoying their holidays afloat, with the high level of personalized service and discreet attention to detail that the charter set can offer worldwide.

The benefits of chartering a crewed yacht are indeed numerous, but it’s the tailored match between the client’s wish and want list with the yacht and crew that is the major attraction. There’s no one size fits all in my business, nor will you wait in line or wear a neck pass or name badge, your entire experience has been carefully tailored to you. Even though a crewed charter yacht may not bring with it the pride of ownership in the conventional sense, there can be a lot of pleasure in not owning too, just enjoy someone else’s for a week or two, then step off and carry on with your life. Bottom line chartering a crewed yacht is all about getting to the good part fast, no fuss no muss, no grocery shopping, no lines no berth bookings, only fun, fun, fun.

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