June 28, 2018

Digby Harbour 1Ever since Royal Navy Captain Robert Digby dropped off 1800 or so Loyalists on the shore of the Annapolis Basin in 1783, the town of Digby has been Nova Scotia’s gateway to the Bay of Fundy. Today the town boasts a substantial fishing fleet and an excellent marina. Located just 40 nautical miles from Saint John the harbour is a good jumping off point for boats headed to and from New Brunswick.

Digby Harbour 2After a few rocky years in the early 2000s the Digby Harbour Port Association (DHPA) purchased the port facilities in 2007 and assumed control of operations. Since that time, with the support of the Federal Government and local industry, almost 11 million dollars has been spent to upgrade the Fisherman’s Wharf and construct an adjacent breakwater. Edwin Chisholm, the DPHA’s CEO and Harbour Manager, sent us these nice aerial photographs which show the wharf, marina and the extensions to the breakwater.

Digby Low TideVisiting yachts will want to contact the Royal Western Nova Scotia Yacht Club (RWNSYC) who operate a deep-water marina at the head of the harbour. The floating dock’s pilons, required for the 25’ tides, are an impressive sight at low water, as is the ramp leading up to street level.

Call 902-245-5545 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Transient rates are $40 - $60 per night depending on vessel size.

The WheelhouseThe Yacht Club has a restaurant called The Wheelhouse and there are several other restaurants and watering holes on the main street. As a working town, marine supplies and technical help are available, ask one of the local boaters and they will be glad to help.

Digby Harbour 1 & 2: credit - DPHA
The Wheelhouse credit: RWNSYC
Digby Low tide credit: G. Cairns