Feb 6, 2017

CBSA RaceIf you live in the Victoria BC area and are planning your activities for the spring and summer and want to find out if sailing’s for you, then there is a terrific dinghy club in Cadboro Bay.

The mandate of the Cadboro Bay Sailing Association is to provide open access to recreational sailing at an affordable cost. With the support of the District of Saanich they are able to provide access to those who otherwise may not have the means to get out on the water.

They are an open community of dinghy sailors who operate the club on a volunteer basis. They welcome new membership applications. They are not strictly a racing club either - They are a dinghy club first and many of the members sail regularly but do not race.

If you are interesting in getting out on the water with the Cadboro Bay Sailing Association I encourage you to join, and add you name to the crew list and/or get on the waiting list for boat storage.

For more information on what the club is about please contact the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop by on a Tuesday evening as we are heading out for a race this Spring.

Bob Nicoll