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Dragonfly125If you have been a faithful reader of Canadian Yachting, this boat will not appear new to you. I reviewed it in June, 1989, and Paul Howard sailed it across our pages in a performance review in January, 1990. Since my review, over 50 boats have been built. The reason the Dragonfly returns to CY is a very significant design change.

Dufour 40E Performance Cruiser

altMy European sailing editor colleagues are all a buzz about this boat. I was taken aback by a comment that referred to the 40E as sensitive and that term really hit the mark. Sensitive to the market needs, sensitive to the owner’s wants, and sensitive as it appeals to the racing performance of the boat.

When Dufour set the challenge to dazzle the market by building a product to reenter the North American scene, it had to come out with a boat that was better than the Dufour 40. Tough call, but the team at the Dufour Design group and Umberto Felci did not disappoint.

Dufour 445

With a solid tradition combined with a new outlook, this builder is producing some wonderful new hulls and product. Careful attention to detail below decks with storage options that will surprise man, this boat won my vote quickly. There is no question that this performance cruiser has a renewed commitment to the Canadian market. I am quite sure it will find its way to many marinas and yacht clubs next year. Its workmanship and solid pedigree will ensure it's a contender in the 44' cruising yacht niche.

Dufour 410 Grand Large

Cruising quickly and easily in comfort and style.  This new 2012 Umberto Felci design updates the 40 foot range of the Dufour line.  Modern lines grace this yacht with a plumb bow, a hard chine running from the beam to the stern, flush hatches and wide decks to a very large cockpit, and a drop transom creating a swim platform.  All running rigging leads to the cockpit allowing this vessel to be easily operated by two people, or solo with autohelm.  

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Electra Sport 20

Electra Sport 20125What do you get when you cross an Ideal 18 with a 505...? After two action-packed test-drives on Lake Ontario last summer, my answer is speed, excitement, convenience - and the new Electra Sport 20. Hot of the drawing board of the design team of sailmakers Hubert Raudaschl of St. Wolfgang, Austria, and Heider Funck of Toronto, this sleek sport-boat made its Canadian debut as it screamed around the race course in Toronto's Humber Bay this past summer. Four years ago, Funck began to dream about building a small performance-oriented, One-Design keelboat that would be fast, easy-to-handle and also simple to pack up at the end of a day's racing.

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