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CS 22

CS22125A couple I knew were in the market for a 22 to 24 footer. They had been avid dinghy sailors, but with two children, six and three years of age, they wanted to switch to sailing a ballasted boat. "We can afford $7,000 to $8,000, and a trailerable boat would help keep annual costs down," they advised me. I recommended the CS 22 without reservation for both monetary value and sailing enjoyment. I had crewed on a CS 22 in club races during the early '80s, and knew the design as a comfortable and stable boat with surprisingly good performance. The sails are relatively small, and even spinnaker handling is no big chore. Reef early, keep her sailing flat, and the boat remains dry and comfortable in rough weather. Designed by John Butler of the U.K., this was the first boat for many Canadian sailors during the rapid growth of the sport in the 1970s. More than 500 were built by Canadian Sailcraft (now CS Yachts of Brampton, Ont.) between 1971 and 1976, before production was halted as the builder concentrated on larger models.


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CS 27

CS27125Are you searching for a second-hand boat for under $20,000, with a diesel inboard, a comfortable interior, standing headroom and good club-racing performance? In my opinion, there are few well-known production boats that meet this description. The Mirage 26/27, for example, has a gas OMC Saildrive inboard; the C&C 27 has the Atomic IV (also gasoline) inboard. And although the Bayfield 25 has an inboard diesel, it falls short on headroom and club performance. Camper and Nicholsons’ design The Cs 27, designed in 1975 by Raymond Wall, is a boat that fits this bill perfectly. Wall, from the respected British design house of Camper and Nicholsons, drew the lines of three cruiser/racers – for CS Yachts Ltd. in Brampton, ON. The first of Wall’s boats for Canadian Sailcraft, the design brief of the 27 called for a family cruiser, with racing performance under the International Offshore Rule (IOR).


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CS 36 Merlin

CS36Merlin125It has been more than 10 years since the CS 36 Merlin was first introduced in the boating market, but despite its age, this design is still one of the most popular boats in its class. With the CS 36 Merlin, CS Yachts became one of the first builders to bring the euro-style of yacht design to North America. Large aft cabins and aft cockpits provided good carrying capacity, and a generous beam all the way back to the stern kept the helm spacious and created truly usable swim platforms. The new plumb bows extended waterlines and created better value per foot. All of these changes proved positive for CS, and remain popular with many boat builders and buyers even today.

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CS 34

CS34125At Toronto's Dockside in-water boat show September 1989, CS Yachts unveiled its new 34 – so new that it didn't even have an interior. The new Tony Castro design had first been put into production by MG Yachts in England, and CS had yet to sort out its own accommodations plan and detailing. Nonetheless, consumer reaction was positive. Fueled by an innovative marketing concept (introductory price under 90 G's) and some interesting features, the design gained an instant following: ready buyers. (Nothing succeeds like price point.) "We wanted," said newly installed marketing manager Stuart Robertson "a 'show stopper' to introduce what we believe is the only quality 34-footer in today's market at an affordable price. Our strategy was to target second-time owners and at the same time pitch first-time buyers with a true-value bargain. "The strategy appears to have worked and Robertson was happy to display affidavits from satisfied owners championing the qualities of the new yacht, above and below the waterline.


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Delphia 33

boat_review-sail-delphia_33-smallWhen The Delphia line first came to North America, it did so with little fanfare. Though it managed to win the Import Boat of the Year at Annapolis in 2008. Having sailed it, it's easy to see why. Terribly affordable at about $170,000 Cdn., this boat has a wonderful feel and look – both above and below decks. It's perfectly finished , equipped and boasts two double cabins below.

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