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C&C SR 25

C&CRS25125C&C International's entry into the sport boat sweepstakes is the SR 25 - a slick, sleek 25-footer that expands this builders growing stable of single-purpose, strictly-racing fillies. Following a successful regatta debut at last years Key West Race Week, the SR 25 officially became the fastest monohull for its size built on Canadian shores. And so when C&C's sales manager, Rob Maclachlan, offered CY his demo-boat to race in a local weekend regatta, our staff began to drool over their keyboards in anticipation. The event was Cornucopia, an annual 75-boat PHRF and one design regatta, hosted over the Labour Day weekend by the friendly folks at the Dalhousie Yacht Club in St. Catherines, Ontario. This would be the ideal venue to put our magazine staff and this tricked-out rocket to the test. Real life. Real sailing. Real review, so to speak. Now the only matter left to resolve was, "Who would steer?"

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Cape Cod Frosty

CapeCodFrosty125For most sailors, the blustery onset of fall weather signals post-season sailing withdrawal, haul-out, and a generally gloomy winter outlook. For a growing group of hardy souls, however, this time of year brings new excitement. At six feet overall length and 36 pounds minimum weight, the Cape Cod Frosty is the world's smallest IYRU sanctioned one design class.Sailed in late fall, winter and early spring, this class is gaining popularity among sailors of all ages and abilities, who are ultimately united by one common desire - to extend the sailing season.

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Catalina 385

Catalina’s Gerry Douglas has spent a considerable time listening and bucking many trends. His boats have stood the test of time and his brand following is the envy of many builders globally. His latest boat, the Catalina 385 takes off from his 445 launched in 2009, and the 355 introduced last year which both enjoy a nice balance of classic looks with a sense of being functional and innovative; that makes the Catalina brand so solid. Clearly the increasing demand Catalina anticipates will be in the mid-size cruiser market (under 40 feet) and we sense they are right.

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Catalina 375

sail-catalina_375-smallGerry Douglas, the chief designer for Catalina, has hit a home run with the new Catalina 375. It is a fact: they have regrouped and rethought out the concept of a solid family cruising yacht that provides great features, value and performance. Filling the niche previously held by the Catalina 36, this new boat is a product of obvious experience and input from owners and the Catalina design team.

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Bernie Luttmer of Swan’s Yacht Sales, has finally had his brainchild come to life, and he tells me that he was just about ready to retire when the boat of his dreams came into production – the Catalina C275 Sport designed by Gerry Douglas! He wanted to promote a family friendly, affordable boat that was simple and easy for two people or a family to sail, race, or cruise for the weekend. With an 8’5” beam and displacement of 5,000 pounds, this fractional rig boat is fully trailerable and easy to store.

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