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C&C 27 Mark V

C&C27MarkV125The first of the new C&C 27s was launched this April [1984], and we had the opportunity to take it out for a spin in mid-May. Along with the new C&C 29, introduced in 1982 (and reviewed in the November 1983 issue of Canadian Yachting), the C&C 27 represents the refurbishing of the smaller end of the line of C&C racer/cruisers. Although it measures 26 feet, six inches overall, the new boat is intended to replace the C&C 25. In describing its strategy, C&C Yachts says, "The new 27 is larger, much sleeker and more attractive, much more modern in design, and advanced in material and construction techniques, compared to the 25."

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C&C 29

C&C29125The New C&C 29, White Hawk, is George Doing's first sailboat. Following 16 years of boating in small powerboats, a Northern 29, and most recently in the competitive Toronto Etchells 22 fleet, he decided it was time to launch his own campaign in the Lake Ontario MORC fleet. George wanted a club racer he could sail with his two boys, aged 9 and 11, and still cruise with the family. Both he and his wife, Katheryne, wanted more luxury than they had experienced during early years camping together. Having rejected several used boats (on the basis that if you're going to buy a used boat, it should be a bargain and there are no bargains around), they settled on the successor to the C&C 27: the new 29, which went into production last November.

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C&C 33

C&C33125When I first met Bruce Massey, the owner of the C&C 33 I was to test sail, he had just won PHRF Division I at the C&C Owners Regatta in Oakville, Ontario, in mid-July, finishing ahead of C&C 34s and 35s on elapsed time. He was one happy guy! I imagine most of us would have second thoughts about buying a design before it was fully established in our area, even from a proven design team such as C&C. This early performance convinced him that he had made an excellent choice and that the design was destined to be an outstanding one. The first boat was launched in August 1984 and by July this year hull 97 was being built.


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C&C 30 Mark I

C&C30MarkI125With over 800 built, the C&C 30 Mk1 is, arguably, one of Canada's most successful racer/cruisers. Production began in 1973 and ceased in 1985 -- a 12-year period that represents the longest production run of any single design version in the history of C&C Yachts. Although more 27s were built, in excess of 1,000, over a similar 12-year production period, with four distinct design phases, the 27 underwent comparatively continual change in relation to the 30, having only the one design version.

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C&C 35 Mks I and II

C&C35125It was a blustery October afternoon when I went for a sail with Peter and Caroline Ross and their daughter Tracy, from the Oakville Yacht Squadron. We were sailing on Fritha, hull no. 245, built in 1974. I took over the helm as we motored out of the channel, while Peter and Tracy hoisted the full mainsail. Ross explained how it had been shortened by 10 inches so the boom could be raised to accommodate their large dodger. They rolled out the genoa, telling me how it was cut higher than the usual #2 to allow for better visibility.


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