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Tartan 4300

boat-review-sail-tartan_4300-smallThere is something about a Tartan that stops you in your tracks – that makes you look again. It's a beautiful boat that meets the demands perfectly of anyone who wants a comfortable and somewhat elegant option for their offshore adventures. The classic long waterline look is becoming unique in its own right. The evolution and ever increasing presence of the tear drop windows, sloping decks and more truly represent the – if you will – avante garde designs we are seeing in more and more boats.

Tartan 4400

Tartan's robust designs and wonderful attention to detail make their traditional yachts a 'must see' option in our minds. One thing Tartan has always done is to ensure their boats can perform and perform well. Below decks, the ambiance and style is only outdone by the practical convenience and wonderful balance of satin- varnished cherry joiner work.

Ticon 30

Ticon30125The Ticon T-30 is a roomy, comfortable boat -- surprisingly big for a 30-footer. With 9,600 lbs. of displacement, 11 feet of beam and relatively high topsides, the T-30 can be characterized as "beefy," compared to other boats from 29 to 30 feet. This interior layout makes effective use of the greater than average space and includes some intriguing and different design features. Although we were slightly disappointed with the finishing details of this yacht in a number of minor areas, overall we judged the T-30 to offer solid sailing performance without sacrificing the comforts of a home away from home. The T-30 was designed by Halsey Herreshoff in 1979 for Texas Marine Industries, an American Company that built 48 T-30s between 1979 and 1981...


Thunderbird125Myth: Thunderbirds are wood. Reality: Thunderbirds are built in both wood and fibreglass. Myth: Plywood is a pain.Reality: Yes it is, but if you've got the time it's a great way to save money. More second hand Thunderbirds would probably be purchased if there were more used fibreglass Thunderbirds on the market. While the used plywood Thunderbirds out there represent incredible value in terms of boat-for-the-buck, dealing with the joys of wood are not for everyone. So we will take a three-step approach to analyzing the definitive affordable boat; we'll look at design considerations, wood boats and fibreglass boats. A design sponsored by the forestry industry. The Thunderbird embodies family sailing. Its origins are in a competition sponsored by...

Viking 28

Viking28125"We wanted a good-looking, smart-sailing boat with berths for four," said George Cuthbertson, the leader of the C&C team that designed the Viking 28. "But, we made a conscious decision not to distort the lines of this racer/cruiser in order to create headroom." Considering the fact that Cuthbertson is 6 ft 4in., a 28-footer with headroom enough for his frame would have been very top-heavy. The Viking was the first of the C&C-designed Viking series built by Ontario Yachts in Oakville, Ontario. Later, this shop added the Viking 22, 33 and a modified 33 renamed as the Viking 34. Interestingly, in the early '70s the Viking 28 made its way overseas when it was built by Anesty Yachts in England and renamed the Trapper 28...

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