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Abbott 27

Abbott27125When I review a new boat from an established builder or designer, I try to compare it with other boats they have produced. With Abbott, the boat I know best is the Abbott 33, a fast, sleek racing boat that you can still cruise on. I learned something interesting about the philosophy of the new Abbott 27 when I compared it with the 33.

Although it is six feet shorter, their weights' are the same. Bill Abbott Sr., the designer (and builder), and his son Bill Jr., have kept their small shop purring along building international class Solings and Wayfarers. The Abbott 22, 33 and 36 are interspersed in smaller numbers but nevertheless make a significant contribution to their success.

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Abbott 33

Abbott33125That's the lilting refrain from old Abbott and Costello shows. It's also how some Abbott sailors hail their competitors on the start line. Abbott sailors are a fun-loving fraternity. They enjoy friendly rivalry and their familiar cheer is their way of not taking themselves too seriously. Abbott Boats of Sarnia, Ontario produced four sizes of Abbotts: the Abbott 28 in '64, the Abbott 22 in the early '70s, the Abbott 33 by 1980, and the Abbott 27. There are also plans for an Abbott 36, although none have been built to date. In the '60s, Bill Abbott built wooden Folkboats and the Olympic class Dragon before he built his namesake. Now, he also builds the Soling.

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Alberg 37

SAIL-Alberg37125June 8…"A nice morning, but a brassy glare gets us worried. By 1130 we have rain and the wind picks up. With a third reef in the main and the genoa rolled back to a number three, we are making seven to eight knots. The boat is awash with breaking seas and spray keeps flying over the boat. My gourmet meal suffers as cutting and cooking have become a lethal exercise."


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Alberg 30

Alberg30125With more than 710 built over two decades, the Alberg 30 is a Canadian success story with American and Swedish connections. In 1962, six folkboat racers from Toronto's National Yacht Club decided that they wanted a bigger boat. They asked Kurt Hansen of Whitby Boat Works to find a suitable design and build it for them. The late Carl Alberg (1900-1986) - Swedish by birth, but a U.S. immigrant - was approached in January 1963. Neither the well-known designer nor the Canadian builder wasted much time producing the finished product. The first Alberg was launched July 7, that same year.


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Aloha 8.5

Alhoa8125The Aloha 8.5, a sound, comfortable cruiser, has a traditional air. It packs a lot of interior space into its 28 feet without compromising its long, pleasing lines and gentle curves. The $51,800 price tag (March 1985) is even more competitive than it seems because an extensive list of extra features is included as standard equipment -- a steel storage cradle, antifouling, three sails with mainsail cover and a compass, to name a few. Created in 1972 by the Brewer and Wallstrom design office, the Aloha 8.5 has been in production for 13 years and more than 200 have been sold. It was designed to provide cruising comfort and stability along with solid sailing performance. Maximizing racing performance under arbitrary rating formulae was not part of the designer's mandate.


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