Lagoon 450 Sailing

By Andy Adams

Photos by Nicolas Clairs

Talking about design changes, we think that the day of the catamaran has really arrived. For its size and cost a catamaran design can provide remarkable accommodations and a stunning example of this is the new Lagoon 450.

Lagoon is part of the Beneteau Group, probably the world’s biggest builder of cruising catamarans. Designed by VPLP (Van Petegham Lauriot, Prevost Signature) naval architects. Catamaran designs can offer an expanse of flat decking and living areas both on deck and below, that monohull boats cannot match in the same length. 

Lagoon 450 CockpitThe Lagoon 450 is offered in three or four cabin versions with layouts to accommodate grand family and social gatherings.   


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Lagoon 450 Bow