Chris Craft Launch 36 running

By Andy Adams

Just as the world has turned away from sedans and embraced sport-utility vehicles in the automotive world, changing tastes and lifestyles have driven the design of the new Chris-Craft Launch 36 to deliver far more versatility.

The Launch 36 still has considerable cabin space to accommodate cruising, but the emphasis is on above-decks features to support a broad range of family activities. One reflection of this is the galley-up design. The galley unit is positioned behind the helm seats, facing the big cockpit area, ready to serve a hungry and thirsty gang of guests.

Chris Craft Launch 36 Galley openCanadian Yachting’s John Armstrong demonstrates how the cockpit galley unit on the Chris-Craft Launch 36 opens up to reveal a backsplash under the cover, sink, a cooktop to starboard and an electric grill to port as well as microwave, refrigerator and an ice-maker that can all be in this above decks entertaining area.


For the complete 2015 Boat Design and Innovation article check out the February 2015 issue of Canadian Yachting, or view the digital version here.

 Chris Craft Launch 36 Galley closed