the_whaly-largeLong time family friend Tom Wharton and his Partner the well respected yachtsman Heider Funck recently invited me to join them and TSCC's director of sailing Brian McLennan to test their new boat being imported into Canada. On an overcast rainy day they introduced me to the Whaly and despite its different utilitarian look it's a winner for anyone running a sailing program or requiring a functional rugged boat. I think their goal was to get this old racing sailor hooked on their new boat and to that end they have a new disciple. I wish I had one of these when I was instructing rather than the old heavy boats we had back then that tended to be more a liability than a tool.

Perfect for on water training programs this stable soft contoured hull allows for easy rescue and is perfect for a quick side along coaching where boats need to bump endlessly. Perfect to as a utility boat around any club or facility where functionality comes first.

Utilizing the latest technology the Whaly's double hull is fabricated from a single piece f rotary moulded Polyethylene.

What's surprising its interior space that can be customized easily through what I call the plug and play system, where central steering and storage boxes are merely snapped in and fitted allowing all the flexibility needed?

Available in three model lengths, 310 (10' 2") 370 (12" 2") and 435 (14"6") the boat can be built in several colours including red, blue, green, grey and orange.

The boat we tested configured with a Mercury 25 hp engine flew across the flat water inside Toronto's break wall while turning effortlessly one could easily imagine coaching or teaching from this wonderful on water platform. I could see easily how this boat would fit many programs immediately. With a price point (no engine) between $2400 and $3600 the Whaly fits many budgets. Rarely can you gain a coach boat for less than the cost of a sailing hull. The Whaly's position in my opinion is enhanced by its wonderful payback since its acquisition cost is so low and its durability is so high so before you look to far afield check this out.

For more information Heider Funck - 905 990 1227 or Tom Wharton - 416 409 3304 e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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