Pride Marine GroupCanadian Yachting magazine met with Paul Nickel and Dan Pride of the Pride Marine Group for an in-person update on their recent acquisition of the Skyline Marina.

According to Dan Pride, the dialogue began almost three years ago but firm arrangements came together with the owners of Skyline Marina this past spring. The acquisition is now complete.

While the Pride Marine Group operates six different Ontario locations and represents 8 different boat lines, the Skyline Marina acquisition marks the first time they have worked with Sea Ray or a Brunswick Boat Group business. Dan Pride commented, “The Brunswick Boat Group is great to deal with. Sea Ray has always offered a broad range of models and pride themselves on being first to market with innovative new products. We are very pleased with our new relationship.”

Paul Nickel commented, “There’s been a lot of positive feedback and excitement from the Skyline Marina customers. Our plan is to continue to do what Skyline has always done for their customers and add to it as well. Skyline is a Sea Ray Ambassador dealer and recently made it into the Top 100 group of marinas in North America. We see this is a very good fit for our organization in terms of corporate culture. The Pride Marine Group is not only in the Top 100, we are in the Top 10 across North America.”

Nickel continued, “The systems and business model that we’ve developed allowed us to integrate all of Skyline Marina and its systems in only two weeks. Everything is in place now.”

Dan Pride has recently returned to Canada after 18 years in the United States with Sea Ray and the Brunswick Boat Group having spent a significant amount of time with the Marine Max organization. He’s very familiar with the culture and systems of the Brunswick and Sea Ray organizations. We asked Dan and Paul how this would fit together with their existing boat lines.

“We see this as a great fit. There is little overlap and now, we can look after our customers from a 14 footer to a 120 foot Hatteras. We offer a great selection of boats and the resources to handle all the service needs as well. We want to wrap our arms around our customers to deliver their dreams and their expectations, what ever they are,” said Paul Nickel.