The Formula 3, Region 6 Championships were held in beautiful Marietta, Ohio at the 12th annual Riverfront Roar. Formula powerboat racing has become the primary event in this quaint Ohio town. Once a year, this historic riverfront area is ignited into a powerboat racing arena. Thousands of people gather along the Ohio River to watch the powerboat races.

Last Friday as race teams arrived to set up there pit area. Gary Williams, chair of the Riverfront Roar committee said “The turnout this year is great...Friday evening was very crowded and, we believe, set a record for the Riverfront Roar opening night attendance.”

This year the event consisted of a 1-lap time trial, two 10-lap qualifying heats and a 20-lap final. The course was a 32 second oval with turn 3 and 4 under a bridge on the Ohio River.

Testing and Qualifying

Time trials establish the dock line-up during qualifying heat races. These heat races establish a teams position on the dock during the final race. Tammy Wolf’s team received the 4th fastest lap time during time trials.

The first of two qualifying heats the teams lined up, the flag dropped Tammy Wolf’s pink #8 was out in front for all 10 laps with crew chief, Sam Haraway and MarkJakob’s guidance. They won the first heat but needed a good result on the second qualifying heat to guarantee a good position on the start dock for the final event.

During the second qualifying heat the boats are inverted on the dock. They were now at the back of the dock and needed to fight their way to the front. As the flag dropped the boat did not fire and they had a delayed start. During the 10-lap qualifying heat they were able to work our way to a 4th place finish.

After the scoring calculations the team had a 2nd place finish on the dock for the final, just behind teammate, Sammy Miller (Kankakee, IL) in the #7 and in front of champion driver, Carol Reno (Okechobee, FL) #16.

The Final:

After several delays due to severe water conditions, the schedule for the weekend was revamped allowing the larger Formula 2 class to compete first. Out of 11 boats that started the Formula 2 final 5 remained to complete it! More then half the field was eliminated.

After numerous delays due to weather the Formula 3 class lined up for their final and a chance at the title of Regional Champion.

The flag dropped quickly, the boats started, Tammy Wolf rocketed by the commitment buoy, down the back straight away and to the first turn. She was beside the #7 boat driven by teammate, Sammy Miller and challenging for the lead. However, Miller had the inside advantage and pulled away. During the 20-lap final the #10 of Rob Rinker challenged the team but was never able to get the inside lane.

The team received a 2nd place finish at the Regional Championships. After a 2nd place podium finish at the 2012 North American Championships in Pittsburgh, PA they were able to climb to a narrow points lead in the American Powerboat Superleague Formula 3 class. The margin is very narrow, only 10 points between 1st and 2nd place. Tammy Wolf and her team thanks their incredible sponsors Peters & May, Lucas Oil, Digraton USA, Teamtech Motorsports, NecksGen, and our newest addition to the TWR family, Lithium Pros. Tammy Wolf personally would like to thank her crew chief, Sam Haraway, Mark Jakob, Claudia Haraway for their dedication and commitment.

Formula 3 is one of the competitive classes in tunnel boat racing in North American. The team has a lot of work to do and will continue to fight for a competitive and successful season.

The next event will be our Divisional Championships in Huntington, WV

Top 10 Current Points Formula 3—American Powerboat Superleague

1. Tammy Wolf - Peters and May/Lucas Oil - 315
2. Rob Rinker - Amsoil Racing - 305
3. Carol Reno - Everglades Seasonings - 263
4. Bill Mastro - Mastro Motorsports - 248
5. Steve DiNicolantonio - West Florida Contractors - 205
6. Dan Bunting - Monster Energy - 191
7. Roger LaGrand/Dana Tomes - Herd Racing - 184
8. Sam Miller - Tunnel Vision Racing –180
9. Mike Hooper - Auto Stan - 174
10. Jeff Krischano - Pilot Racing - 140