chester_race_week_2010-largeFor those of you who are unable to be in Chester for Race Week, be sure to follow the excitement this week, starting tonight at the Rope Loft, in Chester, one of Mike Lovett's favourite bars. It is quiet now,
just a few sailors rehashing last year's judges' decisions. And if you are lucky enough to be in Chester and to be racing here is some advice:

Don't hit marks.
Don't hit the committee boat.
Stay out of the protest room because all of the judges are ALL women.
To have a cigarette, you will have to go on the little beach to have your smoke, have your feet in the water,and NEVER put your butts in the water.
Before you tack, put out your cigarette.
Make sure you buy some regatta merchandise, it's pretty good this year.
No matter how much fun your having, remember to support your sponsor.
Thank the volunteers and come to the club, we would love to see you!

Finally, go shopping and enjoy the WONDERFUL village of Chester, the little, biggest sailing venue in Nova Scotia.

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